Starting A New Business? Learn About 4 Things You Can Lease In Order To Save Money

Starting A New Business
Starting A New Business

Starting A New Business: When you decided to launch a new business, you realized that it was going to be a lot of work, and take a lot of money, to get things started. Luckily, there are 4 things that you can rent or lease for your business that will take the bite out of your budget. Learn more.

Starting A New Business? Learn About 4 Things You Can Lease In Order To Save Money

1) A Hot Desk

If you don’t really need a whole office, but do regularly need someplace that you can work without interruption, home probably isn’t the easiest place to do it. Kids, dogs, spouses and dishes can all unintentionally interrupt you, costing you valuable time.

If you find yourself drifting to the coffee shop in order to sit with your laptop at a table and work, consider renting a “hot desk” instead. You can have access to a professional working environment any time you need one. 

2) A Virtual Office

Do you really just need an address for your business, and a receptionist to give potential clients a strong impression? You want your clients to think of you as both professional and successful at what you do, so that they have confidence in your abilities.

Renting a “virtual office” solves the problem. A virtual office will give you an address in an affluent part of town for your mail, and a receptionist to field and organize your calls. You can also access hot desks, business lounges, and meeting rooms if you occasionally need them.          

3) Office Printers And Copiers

You can buy an inexpensive desktop style printer/copier at your local electronics store. However, low-cost copiers and printers can’t handle large volumes and don’t work very quickly. They usually have to be baby-sat while working if you want to keep paper from jamming or falling onto the floor. All of that adds up to frustration and lost time when you could be working on something else.

If you do more than a very minimal amount of copying and printing, you’ll need something bigger than the average desktop handle the work. A good floor-sized copier/printer can cost a couple thousand dollars, or more, which is a lot to pay out of pocket, especially if you’re just starting out.

There are several other advantages you gain by leasing the equipment.You don’t have to lay out as much money up-front when you lease instead of buy. That leaves you with more cash available for other purposes during the initial phases of your business.

You can write the monthly printer lease payments off of your taxes as an ongoing expense.

You can upgrade a lease quickly and easily. That means that you don’t have to worry about being stuck with an obsolete printer/copier that you don’t want.You can usually buy the copier at the end of your lease, and your lease payments count toward the purchase.

While deciding if you want to lease your copier or printer, keep in mind the disadvantages of a lease well:

  • Leasing a piece of equipment costs more than it would just to buy something outright.
  • You don’t own the equipment, which means that you have to find the money to pay the lease every week or month, no matter how slow business is running.

4) Clothing

The dress code at your business might not include suits and designer shoes, but you’re probably going to find at least one or two occasions (like a presentation or a meeting with the bank) where you will want to take you attire up a step from “business casual.”

Whether you’re a man or a woman, dress clothing doesn’t come cheap. It can be frustrating to pay for a set of dress clothes knowing that, as soon as the occasion is over, your new clothes will end up hanging in the back of your closet.

Instead, rent a business suit, designer heels, purses, and accessories online for a fee that’s a lot less than you’d pay to purchase the clothes, even on sale. Once you’ve worn them, you just send them back.

That gives you the ability to “dress for success” when you need to, without stretching your budget too far, or investing money in clothes that’ll spend the majority of their fashionable life cycle banished in your closet.

No matter what business you’re in, one or more of these ideas will help you create the image you want for your business, without overspending just as you’re getting started.

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